By collaborating with the best, we remain long-sighted and withstand all economic climates.

Enduring Value

We partner with forward-thinking lenders and investors who are committed to Houston’s future.

“We bring in structural, mechanical, acoustical and envelope engineers, interior designers and respect their expertise. We always ask, ‘What can we improve?’ In this way, we continuously evolve and offer enduring value to our investor partners, our clients and the community.”

—Sean Jamea


“We’re excited about the direction Houston is taking and glad to be part of it.”

— PJ Jamea


“By collaborating with the best, we offer enduring value to our investor partners, our clients and the community.”

— Sean Jamea

A Strong Partnership

Oxberry Group principals Pejman (PJ) and Shahin (Sean) Jamea appreciate the soul and intricacies of Houston’s Inner Loop. A strong partnership, forged between brothers, draws on a family history of urban living and the strengths each brings to the table: PJ’s expertise in design and architecture, and Sean’s proficiency in real estate law and finance. Sean and PJ find balance in their chemistry and differences. “We respect our individual talents. Together, we create unique projects on time and on budget,” PJ says.

Exceptional Perspective

A broad educational base lends the partners exceptional perspective. PJ has degrees in interior design and architecture. Sean’s education is business and law, which he describes as “transformative”. Bringing a group together and positioning debt and equity is 80 percent law. But more than brokering a deal, we’re creating something that will be here generations from now.”

Leadership | Our Strength

Shahin “Sean” Jamea, J.D.

Pejman “PJ” Jamea
Principal / Architect

We live our values

It’s not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are. Our values guide every conversation we have and every decision we make. We say what we mean, we don’t make promises we can’t keep, and we take responsibility for everything we do. It’s that simple.