Proven Ability

continually evolving

Real estate development is a complex, continually evolving interactive process.

Oxberry’s fundamental understanding of that process and our integrated approach of research, strategy, and experience form the foundation of our continued success.



Studied and focused attention to every aspect and detail of the development cycle enables our partners to maximize their goals while staying on budget.

We not only manage our own performance but also the collaboration of numerous professionals representing multiple disciplines. Oxberry’s comprehensive depth of experience guides every stage of development from start to finish. Our extensive knowledge is incorporated into all aspects of strategy development, target market selection, underwriting acquisitions, effective marketing strategies, and hold or sell decisions.

Our development process is constantly engaged in examining current real estate markets and identifying and mitigating inherent risks that can threaten the viability of a project. We accomplish and maintain this high level of responsibility while meeting aggressive schedules, achieving all objectives, and generating high returns on investment—all without compromising the development cycle.

Oxberry’s Integrated Team Approach